Standard Systems

Our standard systems give you the benefit of a pre-engineered solution, with faster availability, whilst still giving you the flexibility you need to meet your specific application’s requirements. Each skid can contain up to 2 tanks and up to 4 pumps allowing you to inject multiple chemicals at multiple wells from the one skid. By choosing an SiA SystemTM you can be assured you’re getting the highest quality at a competitive price.

Mix and match from our range of bunds, tanks, pumps and system controllers.

Bund Types

  • Fully Enclosed
  • Open

Tank Sizes

  • 1,200 L
  • 1,000 L
  • 650 L
  • 500 L
  • 60 L

System Types

  • Solar/DC Driven
  • AC Driven
  • Pneumatic/Gas Driven

Pump Sizes

  • 1/8” – Max. Flow: 0.72 LPH
  • 1/4” – Max. Flow: 2.8 LPH
  • 3/8” – Max. Flow: 6.4 LPH
  • 1/2” – Max. Flow: 15.5 LPH
  • 1″  -  Max. Flow: 61.5 LPH
  • 11/2“- Max. Flow: 140.0 LPH
  • 21/4“- Max. Flow: 280.0 LPH

System Controllers

  • Basic
  • Smart Control
    • SCADA
    • Flow Meter
    • Tank Level
    • Leak Detection

Watch a demo of our EB Series of enclosed bund chemical injection systems, below.


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Things to note:
Pressure will be a determinant in the final pump selection.
All Max. flows stated are per head.
Tank Sizes are nominal.

CIP System: Open Bund, Single Pump
CIP System: Enclosed Bund
Control Box: CIP System, Dual Pump