Our growing range of accessories complements our pumps to give you accurate control and monitoring capability.

SiA Accessories

Pump Controllers/Timers

SIAT75001 Smart Pump Controller

SIAT75001 Controller

Easily control your chemical injection pump, locally or remotely with the SIAT75001.



Chemical Injection Pump Controller

SIAT72000 Controller

Our most sophisticated controller, the SIAT72000 can remotely monitor and control up to 4 pumps at the same time.

Reduced Routine Site Visits

Highly accurate flow monitoring and pump leak detection of up to 4 pumps. Monitor and alarm up to 4 tank levels. SCADA with control available worldwide via cellular or internet networks. Extensive data logging capabilities.

Cost Savings


Digital Output Stroke Counter

Digital Stroke Counter for chemical injection pump

SiA Digital Output Stroke Counter

Monitoring pump strokes provides an indicator, on its own or in conjunction with other metrics, that the pump is working optimally.

How it works

The digital output stroke counter senses the rotation of the pump’s crankshaft (cycle) to count the number of strokes.  It does this without coming into contact with any of the pump’s moving parts by way of a proximity sensor.  The senor emits an electromagnetic field, which allows it to look for a change in that field and return the signal.  The output signal can be read by SiA’s pump controllers, a PLC, or other device.

Motor Dust Cover

Chemical Injection Pump Motor Dust Cover

SiA Motor Dust Cover

Protecting against debris like dust, dirt and sand to improve the life of the motor and chemical injection pump in harsher conditions.

Leak Detector

Leak Detector for Chemical Injection Pumps


Fast & Repeatable Detection

The SIALD9000 detects the presence of liquid (the leak) and provides a digital output, which can be read by SiA’s pump controllers, a PLC, or other device. Once the leak has been detected and attended to, the SIALD9000 can be dried and re-installed.

Leaks occur when the pump’s seals fail. Seal failures are caused by a number of issues including incorrect selection of seal material for the application; contamination; and normal seal wear.   

Leaks can result in lower pump performance and if left unchecked, pump failure and ultimately pump damage and unit downtime.

A leak detector provides a warning of a pump leak, allowing operators to quickly remedy the issue before it damages the pump.

How it works

The sensor and associated electronics are housed within a capture vessel, which is connected to the chamber between the two seals of the SIA chemical injection pump such that any leakage past the high-pressure plunger seal is captured in the vessel that contains the sensor unit.

When no liquid is present (no leak) no output is received; but when liquid covers the sensor the output switches to indicate the presence of liquid (the leak).

Flow Meters



The SIAFM80000 series utilise a positive displacement design to give a direct volumetric measurement of flow. The flow meters are not impacted by temperature, pressure, or viscosity variations.

The meter measures the individual output flow of each cycle of any SiA Chemical Injection Pump and converts this measured flow into an electronic output. This output can be displayed on an SiA controller.

These flow meters can also act as a “closed loop” flow control when used in conjunction with the SIAT72000 controller.

Hazardous area certified options are available.

How it works

A flow meter is a sensor that is used to determine the amount of fluid that moves through a piped system.

The flow meter has oval-shaped, geared rotors.  Fluid differential pressure makes these intermeshing rotors rotate within the housing, catching a precise amount of fluid between the gear and the housing. The frequency of which provides a measurement of the volumetric flow rate.

Header Column #1Body MaterialFluid Ports **O’Ring Material*Cable EntriesTemperature LimitsPressure(psig)
SIAFM80001316 SS1/8 npt female VitonM20 120° C1,500
SIAFM80002316 SS1/8 npt female Viton 1/2” npt120° C 1,500
SIAFM80003316L SS1/8 npt female VitonM20 120° C 5,580
SIAFM80004316L SS1/8 npt female Viton1/2” npt 120° C 5,580

* Other elastomers available upon request
** 1/4” ports available special order Viton

Pump Setting Gauge

SiA Chemical Injection Pump Setting Gauge

Quick Calibrations

Pump setting gauges provide an efficient way to check the pump’s actual flow rate in the field. They also give a visual indication of tank levels.  We use KENCO pump setting gauges, which are trusted around the world for their quality design and manufacture.  

How it works

Injection rate calibrations can be made by isolating the gauge from the supply tank and then measuring the start level and finish level on the gauge when the pump is running for a set period of time (or set number of strokes). This injection rate  of the pump can then be adjusted accordingly

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