Low Point Drain Re-Injection

Reduce routine and costly low point drain collection and transportation. Automatically re-inject separated water from gas line low points into water pipelines.


Low Point Drain Re-Injection

The Issue:

When gas is extracted from an onshore gas well it is heavily contaminated with water and other solids. Usually, the raw gas is fed into a separator unit to remove most of
this water and contaminate. The relatively dry gas is then sent via a Gas Pipeline System to a gas plant for further treatment prior to compression and delivery to a main gas line.

The water that is separated at the well head, is fed into a parallel (to the gas pipeline) Water Pipeline System and onto a water treatment plant located near the gas treatment plant. These two pipelines form what is referred to as the Gas Gathering System.

Many wells are usually connected to this gas gathering system which can be many kilometres from each
other and the gas plant. Unfortunately, not all the water is removed from the gas at the well head so that the gas pipeline still has water contaminating the gas and the water pipeline has some gas entrapped within the water line.

The gas gathering system traverses’ long distances, often over undulating ground, thus high and low points within the system are created. Water collects at Low Points in the gas pipeline and gas collects at High Points in the water pipeline (see Applications: High Point Vent Re-Injection). The collection of gas or water in the respective pipelines causes partial blockages which can greatly reduce the efficiency of the Gas Gathering System.

Usually, the water that is extracted is allowed to collect either in an in-ground tank (concrete) or some form of container. This requires a system of vehicles, with holding tanks and pumps, to routinely visit every low point drain in the system and truck the water to the water plant for treatment. This procedure is costly and time consuming and causes much disturbance to the land within the gas gathering system.

The Solution:

Low Point Drain (LPD) Water Re-Injection.

Solar Injection Australia (SiA) have developed specific pumps that allow for the re-injection of the separated water into the parallel water pipeline irrespective of any pressure differentials between the gas and water pipeline, at that point. There are several critical parameters in this application that the SiA LPD Pump addresses:

  1. They are solar powered causing zero pollution.
  2. The photovoltaic system supplies the power required for remote monitoring and control.
  3. The LPD Pumps are capable of high suction lift capable of emptying deep tanks.

Further benefits include not having to visit the site nor disturb the area other than for servicing between long periods.

Solar Injection Australia and its technical partners, PasTech, have developed a complete Low Point Drain System. With its integrated remote monitoring and control package it makes for a very efficient and reliable solution to this problem. The control package can be set up to integrate with an existing DCS architecture or as a stand-alone solution.

Make the SiA LPD System an effective part of your Gas Gathering System.


SiA LPD System

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