• More Chemical Injection Skids Leaving the Factory

    Another batch of skids leaving the factory. Our fully enclosed chemical injection skid packages are now being used all over the country. These ones have been specially modified to survive in cyclonic conditions with bolt down sub frames. Combine this with the SiA pump and IECEx certified electrics and these units can be used almost […]

  • Latest Study on Fracking

    A very informative study has been carried out by Duke University, of Durham, North Carolina. The study was carried by the university‚Äôs Nicholas School of the Environment. Links to the full report can be accessed via this link: Duke University Fracking Report and Solar Injection recommend reading the full details. The study has found that […]

  • Solar Injection Launches ProTech Air Driven Liquid Pumps

    ProTech Pumps Air Driven Liquid Pumps Solar Injection Australia recently broadened its range with a new brand – ProTech Pumps Air Driven Liquid Pumps, Gas Boosters and Air Amplifiers. Returning to its roots, Solar Injection is once again leveraging its vast knowledge and experience within the high pressure pump space to deliver a high performance […]