About Solar Injection

Specialising in chemical injection pump technology for the oil and gas industry, Solar Injection is a leading design and manufacturing business focussed on delivering innovative, quality solutions.

Our approach is to innovate rather than imitate.  The SiA brand of high quality and highly efficient pumps includes solar-powered; pneumatic/gas; and AC chemical injection pumps that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including hazardous area, sour gas and where other specialist requirements are needed.  Our timers, controllers and detection accessories give our customers unparalleled  control of the pumps both onsite and remotely (via SCADA).

With our network of distributors, we design and deliver customised solutions throughout the world – emerging now as a leader in the relatively new area of unconventional energy.

One of our major strengths is our long history of designing and manufacturing engineered systems for the oil and gas industry including chemical injection packages, test equipment packages, high pressure gas systems and well head control panels. Our ISO9001 certification is further testimony to our commitment to quality control across all aspects of our business.

Solar Injection also has a Communications Division, which has partnered with ORBCOMM, to offer remote monitoring and control of our pumps as well as any other remote assets where cellular/mobile phone services do not exist.