Solar Chemical Injection Pumps

The SiA Solar/DC driven pump range has all the features you can rely on for efficient, effective, zero-emission chemical injection, whatever the application.
Solar Chemical Injection Pump Bunded System

Just like all SiA chemical injection pumps, our Solar range delivers:

  • Accurate Control
  • High Chemical Containment & Compatibility
  • Reliability & Low Maintenance
  • A Quality Design
  • Options for Offshore & other Hazardous Area Certifications

Solar Chemical Injection Pump Bunded System
Plus all the advantages of alternative energy:

  • Reduced overall energy costs
  • Ability to operate in remote areas
  • Greater electrical safety
  • Environmental regulation compliance
  • Power for ancillary electronics and communications, for remote monitoring and control

Pump Performance Data

Our range of solar chemical injection pumps have maximum pressure capabilities ranging up to 10,000 PSIG / 690 Bar. Different plunger sizes offer different flows up to a maximum of 280 Litres per Hour (LPH) / 73 US Gallons per Hour (GPH) for simplex configurations and up to 560 LPH / 146 GPH for duplex pumps. Our unique manual stroke length adjustment allows you to precisely turndown flow during pump operation.

We design and manufacture our solar chemical injection pumps and systems in-house, here in Australia with distribution throughout the world. For more details on our chemical injection systems, click here.

Use our Pump Selector below to find the DC / Solar chemical injection pumps within our range that meet your requirements.


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