Pneumatic/Gas Driven

Inherently suitable for hazardous areas and with 316SS available for offshore applications the SiA Pneumatic/Gas range of pumps delivers safe, efficient and effective chemical injection you can rely on.

Like all SiA pumps, our Pneumatic/Gas range delivers:

  • Accurate Control
  • High Chemical Containment & Compatibility
  • Reliability & Low Maintenance
  • A Quality Design
  • Options for Offshore & other Hazardous Area Certifications


  • Low Drive Gas Venting – 50% reduction in venting of drive gases into the atmosphere when compared with competitors’ double acting drives.
  • Unique ability to interface with SiA electronic controllers for higher levels of accuracy and repeatability with remote control and monitoring when used with a small solar panel.

Use our Pump Selector below to find the Pneumatic/Gas pumps within our range that meet your requirements.


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