Solar Injection Australia Expands Distributor Network: USA, UK & South Africa

We are thrilled to introduce three new distributors covering the United Kingdom; Colorado, USA; and South Africa. Each business brings significant experience and local expertise to our ever-growing distribution network.

United Kingdom

Hydratron - UK Distributor

Hydratron is a premier manufacturer of High Pressure Liquid & Gas equipment. Offering world class products and a friendly local service to our Global customer base.

A Pressure Technologies plc company, Hydratron was founded in 1981 with manufacturing divisions in the UK & Houston as well as a comprehensive global network of distributors and partners providing sales and aftersales support of our equipment :
• Hand Operated Hydraulic Pumps: Stainless Steel to 25,000 PSI (1700 Bar)
• Air Driven Liquid Pumps: to 65,000 PSI (4483 Bar)
• Air Driven Gas Booster Pumps: Nitrogen, Helium, etc…to 26,700 PSI (1841 Bar)
• High Pressure Hydrostatic & Gas Test Systems, including ATEX
• Relief & Control Valve Test Rigs
• Hydraulic Control Panels DNV 2.7.1
• High Pressure Chemical Injection Skids
• Flushing Rigs Nas 6
• High Frequency Impulse Test Rigs
• Valves, Fittings, Tubing and Manifolds, etc… to 60,000 PSI (4138Bar) and beyond.

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Colorado, USA

Protreat - Colorado, USA Distributor
Protreat Technology Corp. is a full service oilfield Production Chemical Company based in Golden, Colorado. We develop and manufacture high performance chemical additives that protect capital equipment and improve efficiency and capacity. Our highly trained staff responds quickly, combining expert abilities with experience and creativity. We work directly with E&P operators to deliver the products and services you need, when you need them.

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South Africa

PMPS - South Africa Distributor

Established over a decade ago, PMPS is the leading packaged metering and pumping solution provider in South Africa. PMPS is made up of a team of dedicated and experienced individuals who are able to design specialised pumps for clients as well as assist in the maintenance and repair of a variety of pumping systems. Offering a fully comprehensive range of pumps including: metering pumps, dosing pumps and complex skid mounted pumping systems, PMPS is a trusted, reliable and renowned name in the industry. PMPS provides only the most technologically advanced pumping systems and as technology within the industry continues to shift and evolve, so too will PMPS. We at PMPS ensure that our clients receive only the best pumping and metering solutions on the market.

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