Latest Study on Fracking

A very informative study has been carried out by Duke University, of Durham, North Carolina. The study was carried by the university’s Nicholas School of the Environment. Links to the full report can be accessed via this link: Duke University Fracking Report and Solar Injection recommend reading the full details.

The study has found that fracking per se has not caused any Ground Water Contamination in 20 West Virginian well used in the study. While continuous study of environmental issues surrounding Unconventional gas production is advocated by Solar Injection, this report does clearly state that zero evidence exists that Fracking pollutes ground water.

Without doubt, some pollution takes place at the surface water level due to spillage. Spillage control is a matter for the operator and the regulators. Good regulation and supervision by the authorities is very important. However, far more important, is that operators have a strict discipline in environmental issues and control of spillage.

Part of that discipline should be containment and in that regard, SIA has designed a range of Chemical Injection System bunds. These bunds include simple open bunds through to fully enclosed and ventilated bunds that are cyclone/tornado proof. Many of our enclosed bunds have been operational in extreme conditions throughout Australia. For further information please see our Systems page or contact us +61 7 3277 8822.

Solar Chemical Injection Pump Bunded System

SiA Solar Chemical Injection Pump Open Bunded System

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