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Being able to not only monitor but also control your chemical injection system can reduce downtime and eliminate chemical wastage, saving  you money.  Having access to these functions remotely, from any internet connection, and in near real-time can greatly reduce routine site visits to isolated locations to keep costs down even further.

The Solar Injection iSAT System enables data messages to be sent and received from small, low-powered terminals (often solar powered) over satellite and cellular phone networks. Users receive notification of asset location, on-board information and alarms via a user interface in near real-time. The user determines the exact data to be collected and the frequency at which it is transmitted and received.

At the same time messages can be sent to the remote located modem and asset.  In the case of our SiA Chemical Injection Systems, the controller receives these messages and can take appropriate action e.g. turning the pump on/off  or changing flow rates.  This gives the system a Two-Way Monitoring & Control ability.

Our preferred partner for communication technology is ORBCOMM.


  • 2-way system allows for both monitoring and control of remote assets
  • Excellent redundancy, with 30+ Low Orbit Satellite Constellation
  • Highly reliable even in poor weather
  • Low power requirements (solar powered systems available)
  • Secure with all data encrypted
  • Low cost data plans and hardware expenses (modems) comparable to GPRS/cellular
  •  Up to 8 Kbytes per message
  • Access asset information from any internet connection
  • iSAT Software locally supported and customisable
  • End-To-End System design, assembly & installation available
ORBCOMM is a leading provider of global satellite and cellular data communications solutions for asset tracking, management, and remote control via low-Earth-orbit (LEO) satellites. ORBCOMM are entirely focused on machine-to-machine communications and offer a combination of satellite and cellular communications to enable low-cost connectivity to assets.

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iSAT Communications Overview pdf

iSAT Messages & Modem Specs pdf

On-Site Monitoring & Control

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